Thursday, February 21, 2013

I like the mistakes

This is a lovely, heart felt and brilliant video by Chris Staley about how we view our pots and what we perceive, are our mistakes. Thanks Michael Kline for posting this and suggesting that other bloggers share it.

Setbacks, whether health or our work or personal relationships, are always an opportunity to put our focus elsewhere. So, maybe they're not setbacks at all, but the first step on the road to new beginnings.

Having to deal with a bad cold or whatever this thing is that has invaded my body the past few days, I was able to focus on my garden plans. Doing hours of research with my companion planting and square foot gardening books and copies of last seasons planting plans, I was able to get all the information needed and made new plot plans for this years planting.

Jim and I drove to the local Grange co-op yesterday morning. I really didn't think they've have much in yet, but they had all kinds of cold weather veggie starters, so I bought spinach, lettuce, kale, broccoli, etc. Yesterday I checked the beds, to see what need to be pulled and found that the broccoli which I had planted last fall had headed. I guess the few warm days we had last week, woke it up. So I harvested that and tonight will use it in a stir fry.

Breakfast is done and it's time to get dressed. The plan for the morning is to plant some seeds in starter pots. Then I'll wait till the afternoon to get out back and clean out some of the squares in my square foot beds, fertilize, and put in some of these transplants. It's looking a bit ominous out there now, so if these clouds bring rain, well, it just opens a path to possibly something better to do - maybe bake bread or continue with studio organization. 

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  1. Evert pot has a story and therein lies the value.