Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Amazing video of remarkable production throwing.

This man brings production throwing to a whole other level!

The only studio related job I've done the past two day were a trip to Wall world yesterday to buy more storage containers for the studio, and a trip today to Lowe's hardware to get the plywood and 2 X4's and hardware for the kiln shelf cart I have to build or have the handyman put together Thursday, and one piece of plywood just to rest on top of my kiln furniture cart to server as another place to put some bulky light weight items.

The rest of my time yesterday was spent in the kitchen, feeding starter, baking a couple of breads etc,  a couple of other household chores and on the phone what seemed like forever, trying to resolve an email problem which I thought they had fixed a couple of weeks ago.

So, in case anyone has written me in the past several weeks and didn't think I answered you, it's because my own Internet provider has been marking all my mail as spam, including emails I sent to myself!

Gardening, other than indoor seed starting, has been backed up because it's just too cold or wet or both; but we're expecting a mid 60's weather this weekend, so that will be my day to transplant these veggie starts and plant some root veggies.  Some of my first seedlings peeked through today, several tomatoes and a couple of leeks. Spring can't be too far away.

Time now to unpacked the new fluorescent light fixture and the grow light bulbs that I also bought today. I over planted these small peat pots so I'll have to be transplanting some of these very, very soon and get them more light. After that it will be time to start dinner. Tonight it's orecchette pasta with broccoli, pignoli nuts with a garlic, olive oil, anchovy sauce - a nice healthy, Mediterranean diet dinner. Jim just read me an article on the Mediterranean diet and reminded me that wine is part of it. So I have to admit, that at least in part, he is following that diet. (she says with her tongue firmly implanted in her cheek.)

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