Saturday, February 23, 2013

Making space

Afternoon rain yesterday put an end to the plan for outside garden work; and frankly, I wasn't feeling so terrific, so I spent my time re-locating some studio items, filling this new cart which rolls right under my slab roller, did some computer work, simple cooking, fired the Skutt kiln and popped a lot more vitamins and cold/flu medications all day long.

The kiln is cooling - down to about 250 F now, so I'll be able to unload that this afternoon. I'm eager to see those slip and glaze tests, particularly the clear which I reformulated for frit instead of ghastly borate.

It's colder today with rain possibly in the forecast, so it looks like I'll get studio time to continue organizing the studio space. Ten months ago, when we moved here and I unpacked, a lot of the smaller studio items and bags and jars of raw materials, they were just placed willy nilly until I could get to them.

The house and grounds needed many months of work and the studio only got what was absolutely necessary, like shelving, plumbing, heat, insulation and other electrical work. Now I'm finally getting time to refine the storage which at first assessment appeared to be a daunting task; but on closer look it all look possible.  I'm finding that some shelves need  to be raised so I can make better use of them.
By doing that I can free up some of my very limited table space for a small, future pug mill.  Going up on existing shelves and under existing tables is freeing up one ware cart and partly freeing up the other movable cart that will double as a ware cart.

Jim's been helping with organizing the parking side of the garage/studio, and freed up a bit of space for some of my file folders and other items. A three dollar heavy metal, desktop file folder that I found at Good Will the other day solved that small problem. It's going slower than I wish, but it is going forward, albeit at snail pace which is preferred to no pace at all.


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