Sunday, February 24, 2013

Firing results

 Here's two views of the test results and the few bisqued test pots. I was very happy to see that my revised clear glaze is great. The original had ghastly borate, and I reformulated it with frit and a couple of other minor adjustments. A lot of the colors give me a good starting point. One of the yellows is pretty much what I was looking for in a yellow; but I think I'd also like that a lighter version of it.

Today I'll glaze the new, bisqued slip tests and get those fired in another day or two in my tiny test kiln, and make notes on the firing about results and followups.

Yesterday turned out to be pretty productive even though I was moving slowly in the morning. In addition to getting the kiln unloaded, I spent a good amount of time organizing some raw materials. There's a lot more to do on that front; but first I need to get more storage bins and other containers to maximize that area.

Since it's Oscar night, and Jim has requested an early, fun dinner while we watch the show, I have to quit studio work around 3 o'clock to get dinner ready at 4 o'clock when the show starts. I'm just doing simple Buffalo type baked drumsticks, celery sticks and potato skins - kinda like Super Bowl foods for the occasion.  Time now for a healthy oatmeal breakfast and then some kitchen time to make a blue cheese dip, and the hot sauce for the chicken.


  1. I like these colors very much. I wish you would publish a book, you put so much time into the testing process, you are a treasure trove of a lot of valuable information! I would buy it :)

  2. Wish I had time to write a book! Any recipes
    or other information I have are available to anyone just for the asking.
    In the next couple of days, I'll try to take a couple of individual photos of some of these cone 04-03 color of variations with my new clear glaze and I'll post the recipes as well.

    My web site: has a lot of cone 10R, cone 6 Ox glaze test photos and recipes, Soda fire clay tests, and oxide wash recipes as well. It's not a professionally done site, so I apologize for the amateurish layout, but the information is worth the look for anyone who is interested. Just click on the technical button, and follow where it leads.

  3. June I've used your website several times over the years and referred others to it, thanks for the reference and all the testing you've done.