Thursday, February 28, 2013

Future kiln shelf cart

Here's my future kiln shelf cart for the heavy Skutt shelves - that is if George the handyman shows this afternoon with his circular saw. I was off a day for the handyman, (thought yesterday was Thursday). It's what happens when you fail to check a calendar; but I'm grateful I live in a way that I don't have to any more. I was grateful for my day's mix up, because I was able to get that gardening time during the warmest part of the day and even found a little bit of time to move some things around in the studio in the morning.

By mid afternoon, it was 59 degrees and  that enabled me to get out and clean up some of the planters and fertilize and clean up some of the squares in the raised beds. More seeds just arrived, so I'll be starting some of them tomorrow.
For now, it's back to the studio to continue organizing. Those various, new storage boxes are working out very well.

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