Sunday, January 27, 2013

Everything but pottery

It's an Australian Open morning, viewing the men's final while going through my recipe boxes, making out my grocery lists and doing some on line ordering. This morning I found an amazing, on line source for herbs, while looking for a hard to find Southern Indian curry powder. They also carry pumpernickel and other flours. Pumpernickel is one I use for one of our favorite breakfast breads and the best part is that there's no charge for shipping for U.S. orders. The site was a real find. Here's a link:

After dealing with a lot of old pretty decrepit in some case, cookware,the last couple of weeks I've been ordering some new kitchen thermalon, non stick saute pans, new baking pans to replace a few that after 50 plus years have earned a final rest, and finally, this morning, a food mill. My other one is more of a juicer and fine sauce mill and after making pizza sauce yesterday and seeing that it was making juice more than sauce, I realized that it was time to get the right tool with various sized screens.

I've been on a pizza kick lately - ordering special flour, and doing a lot of research for various types of pizza and cooking tips. There are a lot of good, you tube videos, and there's a pizza making forum which has also been a very good source of information. There's also an on line pizza calculator where you can specify your ingredients of choice and it will kick up a recipe in grams, and bakers percentages which is the best way to go for consistency when making any bread products. Now I just have to get all my notes together today and create some recipes to try.  My sofa right now is a mess of recipe boxes, index cards, unread mail and my studio note and sketch books which are always nearby.

Jim picked up a couple of ceramic, how to videos ( Layered Surfaces by Erin Frunsky, and The techniques of Steven Hill),from the library for me yesterday. Our local pottery group, Clay folk,  have donated a lot of of these dvd's and books to the county's library system; and I've definitely been availing myself of these.

Norton is still giving me back up problems, so I need to address that today. The blue screen of death visited again this morning and I have no idea why that's been happening lately; but at least I got my stand alone hard drive formatted and working again and have manually backed up all my documents.

As soon as this match is over I'll be getting out to do some grocery shopping. I always try to make a nice Sunday dinner; but Jim says I deserve a break, so it's going to be Chinese take out tonight; and I'll put off the Chicken Normandy I planned for tonight, till tomorrow. Emeril Lagasse's version is fabulous and you can find it on line if interested.

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