Thursday, January 24, 2013

Smorgasbord kinda week

Our ice skating rink AKA our lap pool,  is finally melting due to a couple of days of above freezing temps and it is creating some of these amazing patterns as well as interesting sound effects as the ice is cracking.

We've had various workers here the past three days doing everything from getting our heavy boxes up on the hanging storage racks in the garage - a job neither of us can handle The handyman saw that we had a leak under the water heater and that necessitated another call to the plumber who was already scheduled come to install a water filtering/alkalizing system.

We emptied all the contents from under the sink and had to find new places for most things since the new water system has 3 large tanks which necessitated a whole re-organization of that space.

So after installing the water filter system, the plumber headed out to buy the auxiliary tank and got it installed. That- leak had wet my "never should get wet" advancer kiln shelves which I had nearby, so I had to temporarily get them off the the now saturated cardboard they were resting on, on the floor, and on to my slab roller until I can figure out where I can put them to dry. Fortunately they were sitting on their sides; but it's going to take a while for them to dry out thoroughly. 

Then we had the frozen pool to deal with. I won't repeat that whole journey. Fortunately, as you can see the ice is thinning, cracking and melting after a couple of days of no freezing weather. I've been dealing, all week, wtih computer back up problems which I think I may have fixed, and cleanup which is going to take a few more days. At this moment, I'm doing a back up to that drive and hopefully it will complete and not kick up one more error message.

I had to get in the studio a bit yesterday to deal with those kiln shelves and clean out some buckets and clean out the dregs from terra sig container which had finally dried out enough to dump.

Today is bread making day. Jim requested my heavy, nutty fruity bread, which is now baking. Dinner soup is almost done and after dinner I'll alternate between computer cleanup and reading the  John Mathieson book on slips which has a section on earthenware which is my current focus.

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