Thursday, January 17, 2013

Freezing fog

It's interesting how the weather reports change when you move from one coast to the next. Oregon winters are wet and foggy and lately with over night temperatures in the low 20's we're getting freezing fog warnings - a whole new experience. In weather like this, it's a blessing to be retired and not have to drive on the ice.

These low temps have taken the toll on the remay covered winter veggies - looking more like plants that have wilted or needing the equivalent of plant viagra to get them into a healthy looking, erect state. At least, that's what the parts hanging out from under remay appear; but I suspect what's under the remay is in a similar, sad state.

It's been a busy week for everything but studio time, other than finally getting around to finding all my little bags and bottles of stains, making a list of what I have so I don't have to go digging through the pile every time I'm looking for one. Some of these I've had for over thirty years or more and the companies no longer exist, so I don't have a clue as to what they'll look like in glazes or stains, so I will have to test them one of these days. Next time I go to town, I'll get a shallow box to hold all those small bags and I got some of the larger quantities into pint cups and got those marked.

Cooking has been taking up a lot of my time the past few days as well as doctors appointments and going through seed catalogs and unpacking and storing a lot of mail order specialty foods, and on and on. The freezer is full of goodies in the hope that I would have some easy and quick dinners now, giving me more studio time for a few days.

I'm dealing with computer problems from hell now and have no idea how to fix the current problem. When trying to copy my documents and photos and put them in the stand alone hard drive yesterday, the program froze, which necessitated shutting down the computer and now I can't access those old files. When I tried to copy and paste them again, in a new folder, it said I don't have enough room on that drive. But when I try to delete some of the corrupt folders, I'm getting messages saying the files or folder is corrupt and the computer won't let me delete them, to free space so I can try again. Frustration is the watch word of the morning!

Breakfast is done and now I have to make a loaf of bread in the bread machine since I used the last of it this morning. After that Jim wants me to order a water system for alkalining and purifying tap water. Then I need to see if I can find some information on the Internet about erasing corrupt files and folders. It's always something. But, I suspect I'm going to have to either format this stand alone hard drive or buy a new one. If no good information is available on the web, I'll first try to get some of the files on to floppy discs in case the whole computer dies. It looks like this problem has put a huge damper on my plan for a studio day. I guess the universe is answering my prayers to learn more patience by giving me all these wonderful opportunities for growth.  Be careful what you pray for!

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