Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

I think I'll join the "all day in pj's" crowd this New Years day. We've been celebrating hard since Christmas eve with great meals and family time, then a great few days in Napa eating, drinking and buying great wines, and a New Years party at our son an daughter in laws river house with lobster and foie gras, smoked salmon, pate, special wines and chocolate covered strawberries. Friends gifted them a chocolate fountain - a fun kitchen tool, and yummy dessert, particularly a favorite with the children.

We headed home early enough to beat the weather. It had hailed and then snowed a bit earlier and we wanted to avoid icy roads, and drivers who may have partied too hard! Good thing we did because things iced over pretty well during the night. Our pool and spa have a thin coating of ice crystallized, resembling those 90% silica based glazes.

Right before we left for Napa, the library emailed me that about dozen books and videos I ordered through inter library system, were ready for pickup. Yesterday I started going through the pottery books which didn't take long; and then I started on the cookbooks and writing down some of the more enticing looking recipes. That will be today's main activity. It's going to take me more than today to finish that chore; but I wanted to get a good head start on in so I could return some of these books tomorrow.

Jim turned up the studio heat in case I get too bleary eyed with all this recipe notation, and need a change of pace; but that would mean I'd have to get out of my pj's, so I think the chances of me getting any studio time today are pretty slim, unless I run out of index cards for all these new recipes!

Jim is looking forward to football today and the next few days, and my interest is only peaked during half time or when Jim enthusiastically encourages me to watch the replay of some spectacular play. So I will sit here with my cookbooks, but ready to feign interest in his football joy. :-)

Wishing you all a most fabulous, healthy, happy, creative, prosperous New Year, filled with great times, stable and fulfilling  relationships, amazing meals and wines, thriving gardens and all other fabulous things and experiences!


  1. Happy New Year to you and Jim.

  2. June...Happy New Year to you and your family...It is great to see you settling into your 'new' life in Oregon. :)
    Great pj's day here too, reading and blogging.
    Here's to a very wonderful year..from not toooo far away in Alberta..:)
    Cheers, Trish