Saturday, January 12, 2013

My latest favorite tool - a little tooth flossing brush which works like a dream, cleaning slip out of these slips trailers. I was gifted the brushes and other goodies from the dental hygienist this week after having my teeth cleaned; and little did she know I was more thrilled about this little brush than my sparkling clean teeth and getting a passing, no cavity grade from my dentist.

The past 3 days have actually freed up a bit of studio time every afternoon. Today I actually got in there for a couple of hours before lunch. New slip colors are batched and on tiles, some new test tile slabs were made, and about a half of dozen of earlier weighted glaze tests have been mixed and all but one is on tiles.

I stopped to get us some lunch and do some early dinner prep. It's fried chicken and mashed potatoes  tonight. The drumsticks are in the fridge brining, the herb flour mixture is ready and the potatoes are peeled, and now I'll get back in the studio and get that last glaze test mixed and sieved and see what else I can do for the next hour.

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