Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why the bed didn't get made till this afternoon

Miss Bonnie kitty aka Princess Bonnie, along with her furry brother Bodhi, have taken to curling up in our bedcovers the minute we get out of bed and staying there - for a long time. In Bonnies, case she didn't move until 1:30 this afternoon! We don't have the heart to interrupt these pleasurable moments. After all, how much pleasure does an altered house cat get!

In the meantime, after some morning cooking and other chores, I gathered all my little packets of stains together to get them into the new storage box I got for them yesterday; but that will have to wait, because that box won't take all of them. So, Jim is off to the store to buy a larger size or at least get another of the smaller ones and I'll get that little organization job done as soon as he gets back.

Bread is rising in the bread machine and I'm still dealing with a computer mess. I found some of my disappeared files with a lot of searching and moved them. I also signed up for on line storage; but I may be canceling it because it doesn't allow me to drag and drop folders to save and I have way too many photos, recipes, ceramic and other files to spend weeks hand transferring them all. So unless some computer wiz can tell me how I can make this easier, I think I'll just buy another stand alone hard drive which makes transferring whole directories and their contents a lot easier.

Well, back to computer work. I want to re-install the latest Java with the fix. Norton assures me that with that done, and automatically updating definitions, all should be well. Hope my trust and optimism will not kick me in the you know where and cause more computer aggravation.

The rest of the weekend is up for grabs since our son and family canceled their visit due to flight cancellations because of the freezing fog which is going to continue till Monday. We're taking friends out for a birthday dinner. I'm really going to enjoy a margarita tonight, even if it is the typical, watered down variety we usually find at local Mexican eateries. Maybe I'll just bring a wee bit of cuervo gold tequila in a little bottle. Good thinking June, even if I say so myself!

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