Monday, January 21, 2013

Never leave the playground

This is an amazing video of potter and inventor, Stephen Jepson and exercises he has develops and does regularly, which have increased memory, balance, etc. It's pretty remarkable!

Besides computer woes which I'm slowly fixing, yesterday we realized our pool, aka, our new ice skating rink, had 3" of ice on it. So my afternoon was spent using a hammer and cold chisel and trying to relieve some of the pressure. The pool heater will not go on, so there was no other choice. Simultaneously, I was running back and forth to check on our roast chicken dinner.

By the time we called it a day we had turned into popsicles - wet and cold on every inch of our bodies. Thank goodness we at least had a nice dinner and some nice wine and then cuddling in a warm bed while watching some of the Australian Open before exhaustion granted us blessed sleep!

Once it warms up later this morning I'll be back out there with my cold chisel and hammer, breaking up the newly formed, but thinner ice on the areas we cleared yesterday. There's always something!


  1. thanks so much for the great share, june. i loved it.

  2. If you can find a cheap fountain to throw in the pool it may keep it from freezing all the way across.Works in ponds anyway.

  3. Thanks Dennis. I'll have to remember that. Fortunately, the pool guy came early this morning and he rigged up some heating thing over our pool equipment and he'll be back later this afternoon to see if it worked. We're hoping for the best!

  4. Our pool freezes every winter.....big, above ground. I pull the pump and filter every year, balance and winterize it drain it down to the inlet and pull the hoses. I no longer bother to cover it but I do put 4X4 pool pillows in. This allows aice to form up the sides of the pillows and relieve pressure on the sides. The inground fish pond seems to do fine being left alone....again we pull the pump for the winter.

    I'm looking forward to the Stephen Jepson video with tomorrow's morning tea. He always has so many interesting thoughts that it should be a good one!