Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wasted Saturday

Last night's dinner was this fresh green bean soup and tuna salad(as you can see, Jim likes his sandwiches served open faced). The soup was a new recipe I found on the Internet and made Friday. It's not a keeper -not much flavor even with the chicken brother base, extra onion I added and it was also a bit too lemony for Jim, even though I instinctively added much less; but it sure looks pretty and the warmth felt good going down my scratchy throat!

After spending most of the day yesterday erasing duplicate photos in one of the two photo folders, so I could get down folder, it turned out to be a total waste of time! When I deleted what looked like a duplicate folder, the other, un-deleted folder, now said that it was empty Fortunately I didn't empty the recycle bin. I have no idea why I have two pictures folders on this laptop in my personal directory and another one in the Music directory and only one on my other laptop (both running Windows 7); and newly added photos automatically get put in all 3 folders! It is a puzzlement.

Since I still have a lot of tomatoes and serrano chiles, I'll make cheese,tomato onion and chile quesadillas for dinner tonight. If these chills leave me, I might make margaritas as well. I could use as much vitamin C as I can handle right now. :-)

Time to make the big Sunday, pancake and bacon breakfast.


  1. Windows 7, June? It does funky things with folders. I've been dealing with the same thing and just gave up.

  2. Yep - Windows 7 professional, 32 bit. I have Windows 7 (not professional), 64 bit on my other laptop and it only has one folder for photos. It's strange; but it Microsoft. So what else is new! LOL