Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Foggy mountain morning

This is the easy and delicious Lidia Bastianich sausage with grapes, garlic, pepperonici recipe, that I made last night, along with a Thai type cucumber salad and my potato salad. Jim said this was the best sausage recipe he's ever tasted, and I finally found a cucumber recipe that he not only ate but loved!

Yesterday was another man/woman plans, God laughs day. The plan was to make potato salad after breakfast, then head to studio for the day; but I discovered that I had two artichokes which needed stuffing and cooking. That done, I decided to check out the garden before heading to the studio. And, of course, that little decision created a total switch of the days plan.

The garden was loaded with things that needed to be harvested - tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, serrano chiles, and the last of the potatoes and of course, I also did some weeding along the way. Since I had so many cucumbers, I decided to make a Thai cucumber salad for dinner. The cukes were too big and seedy for pickles, but fine for cucumber salad. Before I knew it, it was time to start dinner and I still had a few quarts green beans to wash,trim and store.

I thought I'd continue garden cleanup today; but I'm wiped from yesterday, so I'll head to the studio instead and slip and decorate the latest group of pots. It's pizza tonight, so I'll get the toppings prepped before I head to the studio, and get the dough started after lunch.


  1. Todd Schuster9/13/11, 6:15 PM

    Hi June. Boy does that look wonderful. Potato salad & sausage. Yum. Anyway, I hope your hip is doing okay. My father just had hip replacement surgery & he's slowly recovering. Yeah,it certainly stinks getting old (he's 69).
    You & Jim stay well. Fall is coming soon. Can't wait.

  2. I love Thai food. I'll bet everything (a nod to 'Card Sharks') that cucumber salad was spicy, sweet, and delicious. Could you post that recipe (as well as your NY Deli Pickles) on your 'Plant Harvest Cook' blog?

    Like Jim, I'm not to fond of plain cucumbers. Whenever I eat cucumbers on a salad, I have to dress it with either Italian or Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette dressing, fresh-ground pepper, and/or red pepper flakes--just to kill the bitterness.