Sunday, September 04, 2011

Bisquing day

Got the last few pots to top off this bisque load, decorated early this morning and turned the kiln on long enough to get everything warm and turned it off again until after breakfast. I just want to make sure everything is dry enough before I got ahead with firing. With bad weather coming the next few days I definitely want to get this bisque done today.

Had a great, busy day yesterday with a visit to the Soda Chicks show and sale and meeting up with my friend McKenzie Smith who is one of the visiting artists. Unfortunately I left my camera at home (I didn't notice that it fell out of my purse when I lifted it off the floor)and only had my tiny Flip movie camera.

It was another great show with so much exquisite work, it was difficult to hold myself to one big purchase; but I did - one of McKenzie's amazing platters.

Then it was time to head back to the studio for more slipping and decorating, and quitting at 5 to go to dinner before attending another wonderful opening at the Crimson Laurel gallery. A couple of pots I was interested in were already sold, darn it -a charming little chicken bowl of Shawn Ireland's that I had my eye on as well a couple of Mark Knott's pots. They probably sold when sales opened up on line in the morning; but I was out at that time at the Farmers market and heading up to Fork Mountain pottery for the Soda Chicks sale.

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  1. This photo has inspired me to clean my studio today...