Friday, September 09, 2011

Energy E-change video

Check out this amazing complex here in the beautiful mountains Western North Carolina

Early this morning, I uncovered the few pots I threw yesterday, hoping they'll be ready to trim when I get back in the studio. If not, I'll just pug more clay and do more throwing.

Yesterday turned out not to be an all studio day since I decided to cook dinner and have friends over, instead of the initial plan for all of us to go out to dinner. It turned into a busy day - running back and forth from studio to kitchen. I did manage to pug some clay, load a couple of shelves of pots to be bisqued and threw a few pots in between kitchen and household chores.

I also picked a lot of tomatoes which I made into a batch of pizza sauce after breakfast. Now that it's made and in the freezer, and lunch is over,I need to get in the garden and dig up one of my perennial sunflowers for my friend Laura.

My hip is trashed and I'm waiting for a call from the surgeon's office to set up my first appraisal appointment. I'm hoping to put the surgery off till some time in mid December or January. In the meantime I'll hobble along with my new shuffle gait(dragging the left leg)on a good day and with the help of my cane the rest of the time. Old age is turning out to be very interesting! LOL

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