Saturday, September 24, 2011

Japanese Anemones

I think these are my favorite perennials - maybe it's because I have to patiently wait till late August for them to begin flowering; or maybe it's just because they are so beautiful! I have pink ones as well - both equally delightful as they happily dance in the slightest breeze.

Late yesterday, my other bamboo arrived (a timber, incense bamboo that has tasty shoots)and this one is in great condition. There was also a bonus Japanese maple in the pot. It looked a bit ragged but I think it will do OK. I don't know if the maple was a gift from the seller or just a volunteer that found it's way near the bamboo.

This morning we slept in after a lovely dinner with friends last night and then staying up late to watch one of our Midsommer mysteries on Netflix, so I'll put off planting these till tomorrow.

There's much to finish up in the studio today. A couple of pots need handles and the pots I trimmed and waxed yesterday will need slipping and decorating. I wish I had the energy to work till 11 pm like I did in my 40's and 50's; but these days it's usually just 6-7 hours in the studio most working days, and a couple of hours of studio paper work, sketching, etc. and cooking and garden or other chores.

The past two nights I've been dreaming of pots, but only have the faintest memory of some great pots revealed in my dreams. I have to remember to put a pen and pad next to the bed and write these down as soon as I get up!

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