Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Bisque unloaded

Unloaded the 1st of 2 bisques yesterday, and realized that part of that load was cone 6 test pots and test tiles, so I'll have to do some more throwing to fill the larger soda kiln. These are just the cone 10 pots. The cone 6's will go into a wood/soda firing with some other potters at the Energy Exchange in December.

Today is a non studio day with doctors appointment and some grocery shopping taking up most of my normal studio time. I might squeeze in a couple of hours this afternoon to load the finished pots into the bisque kiln.

Michael Kline started me thinking about my moms spareribs and sauerkraut recipe which I haven't made for years, because to say Jim doesn't like sauerkraut is putting it rather mildly.I need to get those ingredients so I can make it some time this week and Jim can eat the ribs and boiled potatoes with some rye bread along with a cold beer and leave all the sauerkraut for me!

Tomorrow will be another all studio day. I have a huge to do list for this month and next and have decided to skip the December TRAC tour so I can concentrate on getting all these other things done, including getting the garden put to bed which is going to require a good amount of time and energy.

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  1. Looks like your hardwork is paying off and a lot of beautiful pottery is well underway!