Thursday, September 22, 2011

Studio day and bamboo planting on the agenda

I got a pretty full studio day yesterday and just have one large bowl to slip and decorate, then I'll throw a few more small pots with a white stoneware which I had to wet down a bit yesterday. All the Phoenix pots are slipped with Randy's flashing slip and these white stoneware pots will be for Lindas Yellow, which is nice and bright on this body; but a bit mudddy on the Phoenix.

At some point today, if there's a bit of clearing of the weather, I need to plant a bamboo (maybe two if the other one arrives). Most bamboos don't like clay soil, which is mainly what I've found almost every time I've put a shovel in the ground; but I have found two spots with what some locals call sugary soil, and one of them is in a fairly steep slope adjacent to some of my terraced vegetable beds. In this climate, the bamboo won't be as tall as it would be in a much warmer zone; and at the ten foot height, which is what it's advertised to be in this zone, I don't expect it to interfere with my vegetable growing.

Dinner is leftovers so I'll have plenty of time for studio with a short break to plant the bamboo. It feels good to be over this flu bug and back to work!


  1. I just made a bamboo wall hanging today. Ha. What kind of bamboo are you planting? I had three different ones in my last garden and saw some nice stands at the zoo near Seagrove when I was up there last year. One I planted where I got some wind near patio and I loved sitting there and hearing the leaves rustle.

  2. LInda, the one I planted today is a supposed rare Vitax - golden bamboo with a green stripe. The other one which is enroute is a giant timber bamboo, which of course won't be giant in our zone 6b weather.
    I'm pretty limited with what bamboos I can grow here. When I lived in California and Florida, I was able to have some truly giant bamboos, buddha belly, tall black bamboos, et; but there's not too much of a selection availabel in these mountains.