Friday, September 16, 2011


Last night was nachos night - an easy, fast dinner using some of the tomatoes and serrano chiles so abundant this late in the season.

Yesterday and still this morning, I'm dealing with chills,swollen glands, etc.etc., so I opted to skip the studio and sit on my rump most of the day other than preparing our meals. I got a lot of computer photo cleanup done, read and filed a lot of old email and dealt with some paper work chores that seem to pile up way too fast, and put together a couple of wooden molds for slab work.

Looks like Jim may be coming down with the same bug so we won't be doing porch sitting with friends tonight. No need to share this.

There's some cooking to be done today - meat sauce for a pasta dinner and a green bean bisque to make for the freezer. Since I'm still not feeling 100% I think cooking will be it for today unless I perk up later. If I do, I'll try to get to the studio to just do some decorating on already slipped pots.


  1. Thats it! I am filling out the adoption papers this weekend and you can pick me up anytime, I'll have my bags packed! Those nachos just put me over the top! You have got to start a blog with recipes :)
    Feel better :)

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  3. I may have posted the same comment twice, I thought blogger ate my first comment but then again maybe it didn't, sorry :) I forgot you have the approval thing....

  4. Your room is waiting! :-)

    I did start another blog; but haven't posted much on it - too busy of late. Here's the URL:

    I posted the Thai cucumber salad and Kosher dill recipes on there yesterday.