Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another raw, rainy morning

It's a good day to stay quiet, sip a lot of chicken broth, and nurse myself while continuing computer cleanup and other paper work. Yesterday I did too much, spending a lot of time prepping veggies and cooking, in an effort to keep up with the garden abundance.

Cooking and seed saving among other things,kept me so busy that I never got into the studio to do any decorating; but I got a big batch of green bean soup and a pot of bolognese sauce made. We had spaghetti last night and there's some sauce for the freezer for another day; and the soup is enough for 3 meals if served with a sandwich which I'll be serving tonight with tuna salad sandwiches.

I have a lot of pot sketches on paper that I need to organize if I can finish this computer photo cleanup which is overwhelming. While my soup and sauce were cooking, I copied thousands of photos from one folder to put in another and now I have two of each in that other folder because the computer didn't recognize duplicates. Last night I spent hours on that project and got up to the k's! I think the universe just wants me to sit on my rump another day or two! LOL

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