Monday, September 05, 2011

New bird box

Here's one of the two new boxes I made for this months soda firing. This is the kind of form that would work at any temperature and stmosphere. One of this winters projects is to explore not only lower (cone 6 soda firing); but also play with some oxidation earthenware (thinking of my old and getting older every day, bones!). I told Jim that I want to fire the soda kiln for a couple more years, but lowering the firing to cone 6 and at the same time play around with oxidation earthenware.

I like the idea of using the red body color as part of the decoration as well as the use of brighter colors. Many of my current forms would work fine with the switch.

The bisque kiln was down to around 700F early this morning and the studio was really hot. Jim turned the air on for me a half hour ago, so it should be bearable by now.

There are just 2 mugs to slip and the rest of the pots to decorate this morning and some studio tidying and cleanup to do the rest of the day. Before breakfast I was making my "to do" list for the next week, of a few more pots to make and glaze and slips tests that I want to make for this upcoming soda firing.

The studio should be cool enough by now - time to head to work.


  1. For my cone 6 pots, I love leaving a bare rim of red clay to contrast with the glazed surface.I take Earthen Red to 6 with no problems.Have fun.

  2. I think this form could work with just about any glaze, even raku, it's just a very classic piece, lovely!

  3. Thanks Tracey. I broke one of the feet off when I dipped it in slip this morning. Hopefully the vinegar and re-scoring will keep it on. Hate when that happens, and isn't it always with one of the nicest pieces. :-(