Friday, September 30, 2011

Time to move some plants indoors

This is the leftover chicken canzanese we had last night. I think it's about the best chicken dish I've ever tasted. It's an easy, but time consuming dish -about two hours plus from start to finish but worth it - a great dish.

Just saw the local weather - it's going down to the 30's tonight - time to bring some of my potted plants indoors, and cover some in ground veggies with remay. I have several pots of South American chile peppers still ripening, so they'll all get moved into my studio for the night few nights at least. I'll also have to get into the garden this afternoon and harvest whatever I can.

My studio and other plans for the past two days went awry with the return of the scratchy throat, swollen glands, etc, so yesterday I skipped the trip to Asheville with Jim, and stayed home popping vitamins, doing paper work, computer clean up and cooking. I perked up enough in the afternoon to pull some weeds and pick about a quart and a half of cherry tomatoes - enough to make a simple pasta sauce in a couple of days. It's dinner at the Knife and Fork tonight.

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