Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pasta Puttanesca

This pasta puttanesca calls for a 28oz can of tomatoes; but I decided to use all the cherry tomatoes on hand, which Jim picked for me. It's a quick and easy dish if you use canned tomatoes and the added anchovy paste, garlic, olives and pepperonici pepper, makes for a very tasty, savory dish. The best part is I have enough sauce leftover to make it again tonight. I'll post the recipes and the bawdy history of this dish this dish on my other blog:

It poured overnight so the ground is probably too wet to plant that incense bamboo and Japanese maple this morning, so I may get a couple of hours of studio time before we head to brunch; and hopefully I'll be able to get those things planted this afternoon, and then head back to the studio to finish and trim a couple of pots I threw yesterday.

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