Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Salmon cakes and pots

It was a bit cool yesterday morning so I headed to the studio instead of the garden and once I got started I worked through. Got most of the pots trimmed and waxed, just have to put together a tea pot this morning, make holes in a berry bowl order, trim the edges of the sycamore leaf dish I made for myself, and get them and a few missed one waxed before I get on to mixing the decorating and flashing slips.

That refrigerator really keeps the pots wet, so I had to take some outside yesterday, to get them dry enough to trim. Fortunately it only took less than hour to do thanks to the sun and a light breeze.

The only garden time I got was to harvest a couple of tomatoes before I came in to start dinner. Maybe I can find ten minutes later today to do a quick walk through the garden and garner whatever veggies are ready.

Jim requested salmon cakes for dinner, so he going Ingles later to pick up some of the ingredients. After breakfast I'll mix what I can and add the missing ingredient later. I'm more prone to cook a time consuming dish if I can get some of the prep done early.Usually I'm too wiped after a full day in the studio and garden to spend too much, late in the day, time on dinner prep.


  1. recipe? and do you use fresh or canned salmon?

  2. I used canned because that's what I had on hand. Our local fish source is supermarkets and the fish is never fresh looking and to get fresh fish we have to drive over 2 1/2 hrs round trip.

    The recipe I used by Rachel Ray's Salmon cakes. You can just google it and find it; but I would only recommend the recipe if you cut the cracker meal in half or less (the original calls for 1 1/2 cups), and maybe add only one egg. The cakes were way too dense with that much cracker meal. The spicy mayonnaise sauce was nice and the flavor in the cakes would be fine without all that filling.

  3. When my mom used to make salmon patties, she always used canned salmon. She usually breads them, fries them up, and makes gravy with the drippings. We usually serve them with frozen biscuits (baked, of course) and gravy, and it makes for a great breakfast or dinner. In fact, we had it for dinner several nights ago.