Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Garden time, studio time, Orecchiette dinner

This is the Orecchiette I made for tonight's dinner. I picked a lot of cherry tomatoes and decided to add them to an Orecchiette pasta dish we like. Jim loved the cherry tomatoes addition not only for the color, but for the extra sauce that the tomatoes added to the olive oil, anchovy, garlic, pepperonici pepper and steamed broccoli which is the basic sauce and ingredients for this pasta dish. I also add pignoli nuts which Jim also loves.

It was another very busy day - first doing a bit of weeding before breakfast, feeding one of my sourdough starters, then dealing with Dell and Visa over a fraudulent charge (got that resolved), then off to do my second weeding and harvesting, then studio time (assorted studio paperwork and some decorating, tidying and getting more pots into the bisque kiln), then back at 5 o'clock in to make dinner.

I'm done for the day other than email,computer work, and a Brit detective (Misomer murders)story before bedtime. It was a good day!


  1. I thought about you today while I warped my brain dealing with a new computer and so many files to move around! It reminded me of the posts you had while dealing with your own computer issues :)

  2. I saw that you got an Apple, so I'm thinking that once you get it figured out you'd be in better shape with it than I was with my Dell. Jim keeps telling me to get an Apple; but then I'd have to get all new software which would add another thousand dollars or more on top of the Apple cost.
    Moving files takes forever. I still have a lot of duplicate files on my Dell that I need to deal with; but right now the garden and studio calls so that cleanup will have to wait until after the first frost.
    Good luck with the apple. My niece has one that's about 7 years old and still working just fine. I'm lucky in my Dell's last 3 years! :-(