Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cool pots

Couldn't resist the pun. The fridge (my new drying cabinet)is full of pots. I've put off slipping and decorating and did a bit more throwing yesterday and will do a bit more today. With hurricane Irene on it's way, even though we're not in the direct path, we may be getting some power outages.

We have a big generator for the house but it's not big enough to power anything in the studio; so I'll throw a a few more things today. I can always hand mix and sieve my slips, so slipping and decorating can wait a few more days.

My soda kiln needs 2 full bisque loads in the electric kiln to fill it and the bisque kiln is currently about 3/4 full and with the other pots and hand, what I throw today and some re-fires, should fill it for mid to late September firing.

I need to check the garden later and do more harvesting. Those beans and tomatoes just keep a comin' and comin'. Think it's time to look up a recipe for tomato bisque. Some critter or critters keep eating our squash. I never thought I'd complain about not having enough zucchinis! LOL

That's it for today's blog. Time to head to the studio and pug some more clay.

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