Monday, August 22, 2011

Bread baking day

Just put 3 loaves of whole wheat bread dough in the pans for their second rise. After a short break, I'll continue more pre dinner prep for tonight's pappardelle pasta with sausage, mushrooms and tomatoes. First I need to get in the garden and pick 2 more tomatoes; and probably weed a bit while I'm at it.

Instead of composting the weeds, I've decided to take advantage of my weed abundance, dry and burn them and use the ash for a couple of the weed ash recipes in the Phil Rogers book - eventually, since I think it's going to take a huge amount of weed burning to get enough ash even for a couple of tests!

It doesn't look like there'll be any time for the studio; but if I find a free hour I'll weigh out a couple of flashing slip tests. Most of those Cone 10 slips at Cone 6 were too dry. Only a Matt Long flashing slip looked like it might work; so I'll try adding 10% more Neph Sy to those slips, and by mixing equal amounts of that with the regular cone 10 batches I have on hand, hopefully, one of them will prove to give me the finish I'm looking for.

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