Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quiet Sunday

We enjoyed a relaxing morning/early afternoon out, starting with a lovely brunch at the Knife and Fork. They were fully booked and had to turn people away - good thing we made a reservation! After brunch we checked out the fund raising auction preview at TRAC before heading home.

The only studio time I got was to cover some of yesterday pots, because I got sidetracked quite a while doing some ash glaze research and by then it was too late to think about starting anything in the studio.

I'm looking for a nice, transparent, celadon type ash green, but could only find one possible recipe to try in the Phil Rogers book on ash glazes. I might just take my regular celadon, omit the tin, and do a line blend, adding wood ash in 10% increments. After dinner I'll check out the Tichane book and see if there are any possible recipes in there.-

The Rogers book also had a lovely matt gold ash, pooling green, which I'd love to try. It calls for pine ash, so I'd have to burn some of the large amount I of 3 year old pine logs I have. The logs would have to be retrieved from the top of the hill and burned. It will be a good fall job in my outdoor, free standing fireplace. Maybe I can hire one of the younger, more able bodied local potters to split that wood. It's already cut in small rounds, but just needs splitting. Any takers???? I have lots of aged pine I could share for anyone wanting to make some money splitting some of the wood for me.

Since we had a larger lunch than normal, I'm just doing a Jewish pizza tonight - an idea I got years ago from Wolfgang Puck, Spago's. It's just pizza base formed and baked, then spread with cream cheese and topped with smoked salmon.

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