Saturday, August 20, 2011

John Pollex video part 2

I'm enjoying a quiet, sunny, Saturday morning after a mojito, white wine and porch sitting munching on chicken wings and other goodies,party with friends last night; but I will be heading to the studio in a few minutes. The plan yesterday was to get some studio time, but because I decided to do more cooking for the porch sitting, all I managed to do in the studio was cleaning a bunch of tools,doing a sweeping and cleaning the clay trimming from my wheel.

Our resident mink was spotted this morning at the base of the bird feeder. We seen him once before, heading to my compost pile behind the gallery. It was nice to get a closer look at him; but he scooted into the brush before I could take a photo.

Today I'll be waxing those pots before slipping. I find that waxing the bases works better than than trying to clean unwanted slip off the bottoms. I'll probably leave them to dry a few hours and run some clay through the pug mill and continue with clearing my studio desk. I also want to check those test tiles from the cone 6 soda test firing and see which ones I want to re batch with more flux.

Now that it's getting a bit cooler, I'd like to do another cone 6 soda firing using the soda mix and other cone 6 information Mark Knott generously shared with me. There's always so much to do;but it's certainly better than being bored.


  1. I'm enjoying these interviews. The porch sitting party sounds like a great idea! When it gets cooler I just may have one of my own :)

  2. We love our Friday porch sitting with friends - good munchies, wine or margaritas, or like last night, mojitos and wine. We solve the problems of the world and wax philosophical and it's amazing how much wiser we become as the wine bottles get close to empty. :-)