Monday, August 01, 2011

A day of kitchen duty

With the garden veggies needing picking, digging, processing and cooking, there just isn't time for the studio, so I told Jim that I'm declaring myself retired, so I don't feel such guilt about not being able to get in the studio right now!.

Before breakfast, I harvested more beans and a few of non pickling cucumbers and then got the beans processed and in the freezer. Most of the onions have been drying on the front porch and now need to be stored.

Jim is off getting the car serviced (one of those long services), so I promised him a nice dinner - roast cornish hens, rice with sauteed onion, mushrooms and slivered almonds and either a salad or swiss chard if it's ready to harvest.

My kitchen break time has been spent the past couple of days cleaning up my music files and moving things around. This is going to take a lot longer; but I've already freed several gigabytes of memory by deleting duplicates, and those that I don't want to give computer or ipod space. I wasn't sure where these music files should be stored, because I had the same files in several place! So I've been moving everything to the C:music, Itunes, itunes media, music folder and that seems to be working. I just hope that next time the computer backs up, it will know that's where they are!

The problem I have, is that some of the music that was already in both the Itunes and Ipod, are showing their source as being in other directories and folders, so I'm going to have to reload all of them. Oh, well, it's a good sit down, resting job in between garden and kitchen chores.

Time to check my barrel type pickles. It's been three days, so they may be ready since I didn't leave them whole, but sliced them. If so, I need to bring them up out of the basement and get them in the fridge. Definitely feeling like both the farmer and the farmers wife these days!

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