Thursday, August 18, 2011

John Pollex video of his new work Part 1

John Pollex's current body of work is a total departure from his well known slipware, and is equally impressive. This is a several part video so I'll post another one tomorrow.

Yesterday was an Asheville shopping day - first for Jim's new favorite coffee (Pitbull on crack)at Asheville Coffee, then a bit of grocery shopping at Fresh Market followed by lunch at the Blue Water fish store/restaurant. Jim had the clams casino and I had the clams steamed in white wine and garlic(both, very excellent). I bought some of their crab cakes and a small amount of lobster salad to try,for dinner. The crab cakes were a little bland (a spicy side sauce would help)but the lobster salad was very good.

I bought some of their N.C. flounder for tonight's flounder Provencal. We will definitely be going back there again for lunch and to purchase their sustainable seafood. They also carry fresh dry scallops (the best), so that will be for another day.

At the moment I've got a pot of bean, carrot and tomato soup cooking and I'll get that in the freezer when it's done, have breakfast and then head to the studio to trim some pots.


  1. Thanks for this; I'm just starting to use brighter color slips being influenced by the Floridians use of so much color.

  2. So uncle Jim liked that coffee? I am so glad. (I am already Jonsing for it - that will be my first purchase next summer!)

  3. He loved it Andrea. They also suggested another of their coffees, so he bought a pound of that too.