Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday dinner

I got very little studio time yesterday - just enough to trim a couple of pots and put handles on a serving bowl and smooth out a couple of slab pieces. The sycamore leaf serving plate looks neat. I hope it fires well. I mimicked the curled up tips from the drying, real leaf on the clay one. It's an experimental piece I've made for my own use, which I thought might be a fun serving piece for our porch sitting nights with friends.

Jim is off to the store early to pick me up a few items for my planned roast chicken dinner. It's going to be another cooking day with a few stolen moments in the studio. I'm hoping to get enough time to trim a few more things and get some handles pulled and on to some mugs.

More plum tomatoes need to be picked and processed after breakfast and made into pizza sauce for the freezer. I should check the beans as well, since it's been a few days since I last harvested them. The summer juggling act between studio, garden and kitchen continues.

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  1. I love that plate! I hope it fires well.