Saturday, July 30, 2011

Leaf ID

Pulling into the driveway, after an early visit to the Farmers Market, I saw these very large leaves, from what I think may be a sycamore tree. I pulled a couple and want to impress them in a slab and make myself a couple of small serving dishes.

I didn't find the arugula I was looking for at the farmers market, but did find a great looking, large head of savoy cabbage which I'll use some time next week for stuffed cabbage,some black raspberry jam and nice big eggplant which I'll do something with tonight.

I put my eggplants out too early this year, and when they get cold in the spring, they just stop growing. They're a pretty sad sight. Next year I'll be more patient.

When we got home I made some scrambled eggs with diced tomato, serrano chiles, and scallions from the garden. Now that breakfast is done, I need to get out to the garden and hand water my seedlings, and check if anything needs harvesting,before heading to the studio. Some critter ate an unripe ear of corn night before last and was kind enough to leave me the empty cob, just to rub it in. :-( Next year I'll be buying all my corn at Scott's farm in Unicoi. I don't mind sharing with our forest friends; but why do they have to be so greedy! Last year they ate almost every ear!


  1. Everything here in North Texas has shrivelled up. I don't remember the last time we had rain but I think it's been at least two months.

  2. Looks like sycamore to me too.