Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Man/woman plan and God laughs

I'm always fascinated to see how a planned day evolves in a different direction. I term these days "man/woman plan, God laughs", which is what happened yesterday.The plan was to get the cone 10 soda pots dipped; but the the carpet cleaners arrived and needed to keep doors open. So I suggested that our little Jack Russell rescue dog Bodhi come into the studio with me, since he was freaking out with these strangers and their big noisy machines; and with doors open, he'd be doing what Jack Russells do best - take off for parts unknown. Well, the studio was another reason for him to freak. Anything new, with this little guy is an emotional crisis.

So I spent some time just baby sitting him and finding a few other things to do before turning on any machinery. I was happy to see that those pots, sitting in the old fridge all this time, we're perfectly leather hard. So I spent time trimming and waxing them. By now Bodhi was a bit more used to this strange land - my studio, and settled in a bit, but I didn't want to risk getting the turbo mixer on the drill going, which would an opportunity for hm to go into freak out mode.

Once the cleaners left and Jim came to my and Bodhi's rescue, I was able to clean up the trimmings, do a quick sweeping and get the flashing slip sieved, clean the sieve and the extra bucket,and dip a few of the smaller pieces. Then I had to retrieve and clean a bigger container (I use a huge, rubber feed bucket which is big enough for larger plates and platters) to dip some larger pieces. By this time it was already time to quit and start dinner. Where did the work day go!

Jim loved the watermelon arugula salad, so I'll probably make it again tonight along with simple tomato and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. Time to get to on to the studio and dip the rest of the pots.

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  1. Todd Schuster7/20/11, 6:33 PM

    Hi June. Those Jack Russells can be a handful to deal with. Frisky but sweet. Anyway I hope you & Jim are fine. Getting ready to sweat out a prolonged heatwave up here in the NYC area. 100 degrees possible the next few days. It's July after all. Stay in the AC & out of the sun. Be well & hopefully you won;t have the sweltering heat that we're about to deal with.