Saturday, July 09, 2011

Test tiles dry and loaded

Spent a couple of hours before breakfast doing some glaze chemistry before heading for the studio. Trimmed some pots,loaded the tiny test kiln with tiles to fire in the morning, and loaded the rest of the test tiles and a couple of shelves of pots into the larger bisque kiln. I did some studio tidying and cleanup but had to stop to get a quick, easy dinner of knockwurst, sauerkraut and buttered parsley potatoes, and did some weeding after dinner. Studio sweeping and mopping will have to wait till morning.

Time to call it a day and do some glaze paper work for an hour before the Brit coms come on,followed by a new British detective show we discovered yesterday on Netflix. We hooked up a special cable between our TV and my small laptop, and it plays the free Netflix movies, or other streaming videos on the big screen TV, which is great since this little laptop doesn't have very good audio. We do love Netflix!

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