Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heat wave over

Looks like this heat wave is over. With forecasted high's only in the 70's, it would be a great day to get some garden work done; but that will have to wait till this cone 6 glaze project is over. I'll do a quick walk through the garden after breakfast to see if anything needs harvesting; but any other garden work will have to wait till Sunday.

Today will be a full studio day to continue sieving the rest of these glazes and getting them on to test tiles. I batched 20 new glazes the past three days and have 1/3rd of them on tiles. If I don't have any more afternoon interruptions from repair people for one thing or another, this job should be done sometime Saturday, and hopefully, I'll get them fired Sunday. The past four days I've had to deal with computer, heat pump and cable repair people, digging in to my studio time.

Dinner is going be easy, warm weather fare - sardine salad which is basically a couple of cans of sardines, with sliced onion, marinated in a garlic, oil and vinegar dressing for a bit, buttered boiled, parsley potatoes and simple sauteed summer squash from the garden.

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