Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Famer in the dell

Right now the garden is calling very loudly. My intent yesterday was to just work an hour in the garden; but when I found that the soil was very workable, I went ahead and dug up 1 1/2 rows of potatoes and planted some more bush beans and broccoli, did more weeding and harvested a few veggies - a cabbage that I'll cook tonight, more beans and another couple of cucumbers. I was too wiped to get any studio time, so instead, I got an early start on dinner and made a double batch of potato pancake mix from some of the newly dug potatoes and that's what we had for dinner.

Today will be more of the same. I need to pull the pea vines and plant beets and more beans and do more weeding. I'm going to get out right after breakfast and maybe the heat won't drain me like it did yesterday. Once I cool off, I need to prep some veggies for tonight's dinner, rub the dirt of the potatoes I dug yesterday and get them stored, and get the rest of the beans processed and in the freezer. I also have to start a crock of pickles.

Jim is having to take it easy after the osteopath found that he had a few vertebrae out of place. She had to give him pain killing shots to try to get one or two of them back in place; and he's on pain killers and muscle relaxants at the moment. This kind of thing is a result of his accident a year ago where he fractured 9 vertebrae. He's been told to not do any heavy or even moderate lifting, otherwise he'll be dealing with a repeat of the current situation. Not fun!

Time for breakfast and then off to the garden early enough to beat the heat. It's supposed to be around 90F today!

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  1. Boy you must have a big garden, hope Jim heals up quickly.