Friday, July 01, 2011

test tile overload

I'm definitely in test tile overload - trimmed and marked a whole bunch yesterday and threw some more, then threw a couple of small cone 6 test pots with the Little Loafers Glory. Softening that clay made throwing it a lot easier. After centering and opening, I just threw dry and had no trouble with it.

After breakfast I need to get a half hour in the garden to do some feeding before I head to the studio. Today's studio time is going to be a repeat of yesterdays routine - finish tests tiles,throw more test tiles and a couple of pots, and trim yesterdays pots if they're ready. Yesterday I had to quit at 3:30 to get ready for company.

Today I'll be able to work till five, before I have to get ready for our Friday porch sitting with friends. Tonight's porch sitting menu: Chinese pork dumplings, pate, raw veggies with dip, Oriental nibblies,and an assortment of cheeses and fruit and wine of course.


  1. How do you "soften" your clay? Inquiring potters want to know for when they get a new bag that's hard! Thanks

  2. I use two methods. If I'm in a rush, I empty the content of the bag and cut off slices (about an inch thick or less, depending on how hard the clay is and how soft I want it). I dip the slice in a bucket of water and put it in the bag. Repeat with each slice. Close the bag and wait a few hours or overnight. Then wedge what you need.
    The other method if you don't need the clay that day or early the next day is to remove the clay from the bag and wrap the whole pug in a wet towel, and put the whole thing in a plastic garbage bag for a couple of days. You can check periodically to see if it's the level of softness you want.