Sunday, July 17, 2011


Got the tiny test kiln going around 5am and finished at 4:55 and had dinner ready at 5. I had to watch the firing like a hawk since I put a cone 8 in the kiln sitter to keep it from going off during the soak and fire down. It took as much tweaking of controls and leg work as firing my big soda kiln; but I think I was able to manually soak and follow the firing down schedule I had planned. Next time I do these cone 6 tests, they're going in my larger, digital controlled, Skutt!

I got some garden time and did a bit of weeding and harvested the first few plum tomatoes, cucumbers and beans (after buying a cucumber and some beans at yesterdays wonderful festivities at the Knife and Fork! So dinner was an onion and sardine salad, boiled parsley potatoes, buttered beans and cucumbers in dill and sour cream.

In between,I'm still dealing with my Dell laptop problems, which now seem to point to a Windows problem now that they seem to have fixed the hardware issues. It's refusing to make a reboot/repair disk; but I have one more thing to try tomorrow, using the installation disk. I'm too pooped to do much more of anything tonight but lift my wine glass and make some firing notes.

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