Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Planning the day

We had a lot of rain yesterday, so I'm hoping the morning weeding will go easily. I'm hoping to harvest more of the garlic,dig up some more potatoes and plant some more bush beans; but if the soil is too saturated after yesterday's rain, the potato digging will have to wait till tomorrow.

After the hour of garden chores, the rest of the day will be for studio work. I have to clean up the drips from the pots I slipped a few days ago and start decorating them. I'll quit around 4 and head for the kitchen. After a heavy steak meal last night, I decided to freeze the other two steaks for another time. Jim thought it would be a waste to use those lovely strip steaks in my Mexican stir fry; and I wasn't looking forward to two heavy meat dinners in a row. So tonight it's salad and potato pancakes.

Yesterday, I harvested a bunch of pickling cucumbers and hope Jim can find me some more dill heads at the store later, so I can start a small crock of pickles. I only planted a couple of dill seeds for the leaf part; but forgot I would need more when it came time to make some pickles.

Yesterday I planned to just vegg out after our house guests left, but wound up doing some garden work, then on to a good bit of kitchen time baking two loaves of zucchini bread, got some of the green beans processed and in the freezer, and cooked a steak dinner with some computer work before and after. The day ended with watching two back to back Anthony Bourdain shows. The one on Naples had some interesting facts on Neapolitan pizza making. Evidently the government has created a strict code on what you can call Neapolitan pizza, even to the .3 millimeter thickness of the crust, the temperature at which is must be cooked - well over 400 C)and the type and where the tomatoes can be grown (in the local volcanic soil, etc). Truly amazing!

Time to start our boiled eggs and zucchini bread breakfast. Another busy day awaits.

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