Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Test tiles drying glaze batching starting

The C6 ox test tiles are done and I just have to finish and trim a couple of small test pots. I'd also like to do some slab sushi sized plates later today or tomorrow to test spraying multiple glaze combinations. While they're drying I'll start the glaze test weighing and mixing marathon which should take me another couple of weeks to complete. Studio time is not on todays' schedule; but an early afternoon to the dentist is. :-( So I'll spend the morning getting caught up with these glaze notes.

I found Steven Hill's firing schedule posted in the February 2011 Oregon Potters newsletter, thanks to a referral from a member on a cone 6 web group. Steven is getting amazing results on his work in these cone 6 ox firings. In fact, there's no discernible difference in the looks of these current oxidation pots and his cone 10 Reduction work. Using glazes that promote crystal growth, and spraying/layering 4-8 glazes on the pots, results in a rich, beautiful, complex surface.

For me, this is a project for potential future use. I still love doing my soda fired work and will continue that as long as my body permits; but I may augment it with some of the cone 6 oxidation work if I can get results I'm happy with, and then get down to just one firing a year with the soda kiln. We'll see.


  1. I am excited to hear about your testing in Cone 6. Could you share Steven Hill's firing schedule here, I looked on the Oregon newsletter website, but the February 2011 newsletter isn't up as clickable in pdf like some of the other newsletters. I do a slow cool down to 1400, with 100 degree drop between 1900 and 1400, but comparing mine to his might be of benefit for my glaze firings.

  2. Hi June, I just got the pdf from the cone 6 group thread. thanks for this post.

  3. You're very welcome Linda!In case anyone else wants it, here's the link:

  4. WOW!!! Talk about an over-achiever ;)
    Good for's the only way to really find what you want. An impressive undertaking, for sure. You go girl!!