Thursday, July 21, 2011

Asheville day

Our electrician friend and helper came a bit later this morning but did a lot in a little time. They switched the studio and garage fridges for us and Jim and I emptied the one going into my studio and filled the other one. They also figured out what was causing a problem with our range and corrected it with electrical contact spray. They also checked our non working instant hot water and the verdict- it's kaput.

We have a family medical crisis going on with our daughter-in-laws mother, who two days after a car accident, has suffered a stroke as a result of the accident; and I was busy with emails and phone calls this morning. So any and all prayers would be most welcome!

Around 11:30 Jim and I headed to Asheville. Our first stop was at Highwater, mainly for some clay and yellow iron oxide (really pricey item; and of course they didn't have any small bags so the ten pound was well over $40. I hope it's a lifetime supply!), then on to lunch, food shopping at Earth Fare, and then to Lowe's to buy another instant hot water unit and home.

At Earth Fare I bought a bunch of organic, nitrate free bacon, hot dogs and cold cuts, among other things. For my nitrate free eating experiment I bought 3 different brands of bacon and I'm hoping Jim won't complain too much, or miss the chemical taste of all those nitrates! I'm hoping he'll find at least one them palatable.:-)

Needless to say, there was no time for studio and probably none tomorrow either. I got the soda pots slipped yesterday but will have to decorate them when company leaves Monday.

We have sushi for dinner thanks to Earth Fare, so dinner and sake(my choice), and white wine (for Jim), awaits.


  1. If you ask, they will bag up a smaller bag for you, June, as long as it's one of their standard size bags.

  2. I knew they would but Jim was with me and I promised him I wouldn't be in there long, so I bit the bullet and got the bigger bag. It's lighweight material and takes a lot of volume of material in relation to weight, so I figured if I was going to make large batches of glazes using this down the line, I'd need a fair amount of it.

  3. True enough. I remember the first time I bought some I was shocked at the weight vs. the size of the bag.