Thursday, June 30, 2011

Anniversary dinner

We celebrated our 52nd anniversary yesterday, with a lovely, elegant dinner at the Eseola lodge in Linville. It's a beautiful drive up to Linville and the lodges' gardens are always a visual delight.

The dead Dell laptop was packed up first thing this morning and Jim will drop it off for me after breakfast. The repairman was here the other day and did his best, but they forgot to include all the parts needed to repair it.

I still have to do more trimming and marking on the test tiles I threw the other day - an average of around 60 tiles for each of the 3 clay bodies. I cut them yesterday and got the holes in, but they were still too wet to mark the bases, so I used the little studio time I had to throw a few small test pots for the cone 6 firing, using the Little Loafers Glory clay which throws pretty much the same as the cone 10 version. The fresh clay was hard. I guess they make it that way because it has very little vertical strength if it isn't, and if it's softer, you have to throw practically dry. It's definitely not my choice of a claybody I'd want to work with all the time. My feeling is that you might as well work with straight porcelain; but unfortunately, they've been out of their cone 6 porcelain for weeks. In the meantime I'll work with what I have until I can get back to Asheville early next week.


  1. Todd Schuster6/30/11, 8:22 PM

    Wow June. 52 years of marriage. Hope you & Jim have many more years of happiness. Hope you enjoyed yourselves & have a safe enjoyable 4th of July. Supposed to be hot & summery in the East this holiday. Make it a good one. Best to Erin & the music.

  2. Congratulations to such a great couple! Jim was clearly one of the most underrated game show emcees in the business. I've enjoyed him watching Card Sharks and Sale of the Century reruns--most of which can be found either on GSN (CS) or YouTube (SotC).

    His sense of humor really showed when he offered a serious Instant Bargain to Curtis Warren. On Curtis' next to last show (where he went on to win $50,000), he asked Curtis to pick one of Jim's coat pockets. Curtis originally picks both, then picks Jim's right pocket. He pulls out $1000 and adds that to the Sale. Curtis goes 'No Sale', and Jim said:

    "It's a good thing he didn't pick my left pocket. All I had in there was 48 cents!"

  3. Thanks Woodie! We were amazed to find so many of those shows on you tube.