Friday, June 17, 2011

Ken Matsuzaki

Check out the wonderful work of Ken Matsuzaki at the above link. If it doesn't work just copy and past this:

The gardening marathon continues; but I should be finished with the majority of my planting this afternoon. This morning I had to clear some virgin areas to create more planting space and got watermelons, parsley, and another Anaheim pepper planted, thinned and transplanted some corn seedlings, planted some large purslane (yep, the edible weed that seed companies have worked on to get a bigger plant), harvested some lettuce and picked some black raspberries. As soon as I have lunch I'll be back out transplanting the last couple of tomatoes, some lacy marigolds, and planting some 4 o'clocks and bachelor buttons if I can find space.

Some of the seedlings I temporarily planted closed together need to find new homes which is going to be a challenge unless I pulled out a bunch of volunteer perennials. I have another problem - identifying two groups of seedlings, so I'm going to have to go through this years seed packets for some clues as to what these mystery seedlings are.

Tomorrow I'll finally get back to a studio schedule after an hour or less of morning gardening maintenance.

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  1. I "discovered" Ken Matsuzaki's work on line just a week or two ago. Absolutely wonderful to see how he makes often traditional forms so lively and strong. I would have loved to have been able to travel to the UK and see his exhibition there (I think it may be on currently).