Saturday, June 04, 2011

Firing day

Got the small Olympic gas kiln started at 7am and it's now at 1150F. The new plumbing seems to be working but still getting some back flame from the burners, even though the orifices were cleaned right before firing and the shutters are opened to the recommended size. The burners are a bit tilted, making them off center coming up in the to kiln and I just didn't have a strong enough wrench to try to turn the pipe that they're attached to. I'm going to have to deal with that before the next firing.

It's a pretty calm sunny day; but as you can see, I've got this kiln well protected with a crazy assortment of corrugated metal pieces, metal can lids and kiln shelves,to prevent any wind from blowing out the burners. If I'm happy with this firing, I'm going to have to look at the possibility of getting a vent and putting it indoors with the larger soda kiln,so I don't have to deal with waiting for a sunny day to fire.

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