Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Elusive Teabowl video

This video "The Elusive Teabowl" from a workshop at Harvard, is a lovely peek into the making of these traditional,ceremonial and other tea bowls.

My personal preference in pots, those I always gravitate to at any gallery or shop, are the earthy pots which reflect the wood, soda or salt that have contributed to their rich surfaces,, so I will continue as long as I can firing my soda kiln; but probably firing it less often while I explore these cone 6 oxidation firings. I keep reminding myself, as I'm doing the planning of this cone 6 oxidation work, of a quote I once heard "You don't have to make pots you like, you just have to like the pots you make".

We're enjoying a coolish, cloudy morning which will be great to finish my planting once it warms up a bit. With the good bit of rain we got yesterday, the ground is going to be wet and cool, so I'm spending this morning, sketching some potential pots for the cone 6 oxidation experiment. I think a lot of my forms will work very well with the brighter glazes I want for Cone 6 oxidation.I'm not interested in trying to mimic reduction glazes in these lower fired, oxidation pots, but rather, want mainly brighter colors as a contrast to my soda/salt fired pots.


  1. I commented the other day but I am not seeing it so it must not have gone through. Anyway, I'm in town! Let me know Shem
    N you want to get together. I can come out there. If you have time when you ome into Asheville, we can hook up here. With some notice, I might even be able to procure a bottle of wine and some munchies. (although my wine tastes are pretty plebeian so that might be too much pressure!! :)

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Tuesday would work for us in Asheville. I have to get to the pottery supply store and we could meet you at the Indian restaurant where we had lunch last time. Let me know.
    Looking forward to seeing you!

  3. Would 2pm be too late for lunch?