Thursday, June 09, 2011

Square arrived

My little Square connection arrived yesterday and I unpacked it this morning and checked it; and it looks like it's linking fine to the Square app. I had to link it to my checking account and I'm ready to take charge cards, using my Ipod plus with the Square App and connector. I just have to get back on their page to watch the demo again with the page up on my ipod plus.

Got a bit of studio tidying very early this morning and after breakfast I'll be back in the studio to continue organizing, particularly my desk. The studio is clean and ready for this weekends studio tour. The only other things I need to do are do some flower arrangements today, and some food prep tonight or tomorrow morning.


  1. Let us know how the square works out.I'm writing info down and submitting to propay later.This looks a lot more convenient.Have a great weekend.

  2. Will do Dennis. With over 100 studios and so much space between them, we usually don't get that many cars. Of course, this is the first time they've gotten my location right on the map, so maybe we'll get more traffic. In the past most people give me cash or check and I think I've only have two instances in the past four years or so ask me if I take charge cards.
    Square had a thin card in the package, showing the cards it takes, so I'll lean that in the gallery and maybe more buyers will use it.