Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Studio is tour ready

I'm pretty well ready for the TRAC tour which begins at noon Friday - 100 artists studios in Mitchell and Yancy Counties in Western North Carolina will be open through the weekend. The hours will be noon to 4pm Friday and 1- to 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

Today with my helper Betty, we got studio floors, buckets and tables cleaned. I got the wrapping and hospitality tables ready, and the studio display area is all set up. Tomorrow I'll do just spend time doing some re-organizing of small things and Jim will, as always, take care of the separate gallery, which just needs a quick dusting and vacuuming.

We got the tiniest bit of rain mid afternoon - not enough to do much; but it looks like the neighboring towns of Spruce Pine and Burnsville got quite a bit more.

Well, my potatoes are grated and drained, time to mix up the rest of the ingredients for tonight's potato pancakes. We're planning a relaxed evening with a Netflix PD James mystery. Life is good!


  1. Todd Schuster6/8/11, 6:58 PM

    Hello June. Nothing like potato latkes. Good stuff. Best of luck with the TRAC tour the next few days. Hot tomorrow here in the NYC area almost 100. Then again after this tough winter we went through, we shouldn't complain. Be well & enjoy.

  2. Thanks Todd. There's rain in the forecast for this weekend, which we badly need, so I'm hoping it won't impact the tour.
    It's been hot here in the mountains, but after a very short, light shower, the temperature dropped tothe low 70's which enabled us to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air.