Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do your glazes respond to music

Do your glazes respond to music West Virginia potter, Jeff Diehl's crystalline glazes pots do. Check out his video.

We were hoping to have breakfast while watching Wimbledon womens quarter finals but our cable is out. AARGH! This Charter cable goes out way too often.

It looks like there will be blueberries to pick this morning. I'm seeing a lot of color on those bushes and the birds are visiting them, so I'd better get up there after breakfast and get our share for the day.

Scattered showers are in the offing starting early afternoon, so I'll head to the studio with all my cone 6ox project notes,throw some Cone 6 test tiles and then do some slipping of my cone 10 soda pots. Dinner is good leftovers, with just the last of the garden spinach to cook, so I should get a full afternoon of studio work.

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